Today we are all involved in the coronavirus emergency, but Jail Jam doesn’t forget that there is also another emergency: the climate change. The element that joins these two problems is the need to build new models and adapt them to a different context. This is why Jail Jam has already started a few years ago to engage with concrete initiatives for the health of the planet. First of all, we installed solar panels panels on the roof of our company:

Solar Panels for Clean Energy

Then we moved on to making our product packaging more sustainable, with recycled and recyclable paper hangtag:

etichetta carta riciclata
Recycled Paper Hangtag

Now we are turning our attention to the products. We are creating more sustainable items, using natural and recycled yarns. A new recycled yarn that we will experience for the future Fall Winter 2020 season is Polylana. It is an alternative fiber to acrylic fiber, with low environmental impact, thanks to the lower need for energy, water, waste and CO2 for the production:

Recycled Yarn
Benefits of Polylana Yarn

Since the Covid emergency began, Jail Jam was one of the first companies to join smartworking. This practices made possible the air pollution reduction. Since Italy has been in lockdown, in fact, smog levels have reduced and satellite images show a significant drop in the CO2 present in the atmosphere. The cloud of toxic gas that was previously clearly visible has now almost disappeared:

Source: ESA, ISS

Satellite images of NASA and ESA, the European Space Agency, show a drastic reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions. Since the companies closed, smog levels have decreased and satellite images have shown a significant drop in air pollution in Italy too. We are confident that the pandemic will change business models and it will make them more energy efficient. We have to use this period to reflect on our behaviors and habits and to understand how we can adapt to continue breathing our planet.