Jail Jam focuses on synergies for 2020 with excellent partners such as World Rookie Tour and Deejay XMasters. The leading theme of these collaborations are the mountain and outdoor sports. Jail Jam, which aims to distinguish itself as a brand for urban and mountain fashion, will sponsor a pattern of events in the main Italian and foreign mountain resorts: Prato Nevoso, Pila, Moena, Cervinia, Livigno, Innsbruck, Kaprun, Obereggen, a few examples. In addition to general sponsor, Jail Jam will also make customized accessories such as sweatshirts, goggle sleeve, neck warmers and beanies:

Official Deejay XMasters Beanies by Jail Jam
Multifunctional Loop Val di Fassa Official
Sweatshirt hoodies World Rookie Tour Official
Goggle sleeve World Rookie Tour Official

If you’ve a chance to go on Madonna di Campiglio this winter and you are passionate about skiing and snowboarding, we recommend to take a tour of the Ursus Snowpark, one of the best areas dedicated to Freestyle in the Alps: over 50,000m² of jumps, boxes, rails, boardercrosses and funlines. For the second consecutive season Jail Jam and the Stoppani lodge continue the partnership and carry out Ursus merchandising, which is sold at 2,500 meters above sea level.

Stoppani – Ursus Snowpark

Jail Jam has been creating merchandising for companies, ski schools, shops and events for years.

Our experience in this field has been serving customers for over 30 years. Our style department works directly with customers to meet the most varied needs, from the initial idea to the finished product.

Sweatshirt Hoodies Ursus Official
Baseball Cap Ursus Official

Here are the stages of the Jail Jam sponsored events:

January 11-12 – Deejay XMasters – Prato Nevoso (IT)
January 12-17 – World Rookie Tour – Livigno (IT)
January 25-26 – Deejay XMasters – Pila (IT)
January 29 – February 2 – World Rookie Tour – Ruka (Finland)
February 1 – Zambelli Lodge – Cimone (Mo, IT)
February 7-9 – Deejay XMasters – Moena (IT)
February 15-16 – RedBull Hammers – Campiglio (IT)
March 6-8 – World Rookie Tour – Innsbruck (Austria)
March 15-18 – World Rookie Tour – Campiglio (IT)
March 23-27 – World Rookie Tour – Alpe di Suisi (IT)
March 31 – April 4 – World Rookie Tour – Kaprun (Austria)
3-5 April – Deejay Xmasters – Cervinia (IT)
April 4-5 – Rock & Ride – Obereggen (IT)
April 7-11 – Red Bull Hammers – Livigno (IT)
April 18-19 – Supergrostè – Madonna di Campiglio (IT)

Here is the poster of Deejay XMasters events: