Carambola instils the will to try, great energy and fun, the need to test one’s limitations, the return to essential, everything expressed by a unique and inimitable style.

Carambola aim is to offer practical solutions to sport passionate people, for indoor and especially for outdoor sports, paying close attention to protection and security.

Jail Jam proposes technical items for production and materials, answering customers comfort needs. Look at winter 2019 collection: you will find various types of backpack with different functions, all in waterproof and tear-resistant fabric. Discover running belt and the wide range of light and breathable hats.

An early morning run, a downhill race, mountain trekking: choose Carambola, live a new fantastic adventure!


Which sport do you practise? Do you relax yourself with some shoot hoops? Do you like skating and trying always new tricks? Do you prefer to play tennis to relieve stress? Otherwise do you wait for sunny season to organize a beach tennis competition with your friends? Or, do you regularly go to the gym and train yourself?
So, even if you are an amateur athlete, or if you practise sport for passion, to train and stay in shape, Play Your Game selection of Carambola line offers a wide range of accessories. Among them you will surely find the right one for you!
These accessories have been conceived to improve your comfort during sport activity, to free your movements as they fit perfectly.

Carambola offers practical and stylish accessories! Bonnets, gloves and loops in different colors, perfect for your workout in the winter season!

The real must have of this collection is the trekking backpack, available in blue, red and grey shades. This is a very comfortable item especially because it’s packable and can be closed in a small pocket.

Multifunctional loops, more and more requested, have been increased in tissues and colors, while keeping Jail Jam’s original style.

A wide choice also for those who suffer much the cold when skiing, with windproof balaclavas and masks.

In Play Your Game selection you will find sport peak hats presenting different characteristics. The monochromatic model, available in turquoise, grey, black and red, is realized in a breathable and seamless tissue; thanks to its flexibility it can be easily tied and it won’t lose its shape.
If you need a more technical hat try Cuban Run: its outline is rounder, it has very little holes which improve transpiration and it is UV protective sun hat, ideal for an ongoing training outdoor. Moreover, this model is more stylish due to the really cool white binding.
The same design has been adopted for the sun visor, a real must have for 2019 Spring/Summer season. Usually mostly used by runners, it is combined to the running belt, a top new entry among Jail Jam accessories. Running belt in stretchy tissue is conceived as minimal case and it is enriched by reflecting printed tissue.


It’s your nature that pushes you to adventure into the forest with your backpack, take new roads and go discovering the unknown.
Every day a new challenge, involve your sensations, increase your skills, go forward, go far. Is it more important the journey or the destination? What really matter is to travel: when you live it fully, you can deepen the consciousness of yourself and your knowledge of the world.
The explorer goes on a new adventure every road he takes. He can’t resist to freedom voice, to self-realization and innate awareness to come back home richer than before.
On The Road, selection of Carambola line, has thought to pragmatism, to the need of having essential and being ready as well for any situation.