You are dynamic, trendy and love outdoor living but you also appreciate the comfort of the city?

Apple is what you are looking for!

A series of sparkling and bright colors featuring a refined street style.

You’ll find a rich selection of casual sport accessories, e.g. multifunction backpacks, bonnets, hats and gloves. You’ll find fashion products with metal fittings or paillettes as the best urban chic tradition wants. Moreover, in the winter collection we have included vintage patterns and warm winter shades.

Do you want the right accessory for every occasion? Choose the Apple style!


Winter with Jail Jam is a piece of work! Don’t miss the chance to have fun. Search for new emotions and live fantastic experiences.

Our style department has created the perfect articles to be with you during the whole winter season!

A contemporary attitude that leaves a mark and fully expresses the unique original style that knows how to distinguish itself.

For outdoor lovers during the winter season, you know, there are two basic things: trendy accessories, but most of all warm!

Jail Jam’s Apple collection is an amazing mix of style and functionality with articles inspired by trends of the new decade, moving toward the athleisure style.

A comfortable sport outfit with a glam touch.

Summer is the best period of the year to show off new wonderful accessories. The very capacious beach bags are characterized by an original tropical printing with bright and intense colours. Two models are available: one made of paper with an embroidery; the other one in soft textile can easily transform in a backpack. If you want, you can combine them with the raffia hats, enriched by a tape on the bend and an embroidery over the brim too.
Delicate foulards in warm and vibrant shades can be used even as beach robe.
For those who love tradition, unisex Fedora hat recall a navy style thanks to the coloured double tape.
Lastly, Summer Vibes selection is completed by two models for man, black and white paper hat which express a retro essence: a white Fedora hat with a black tape and a lighter Trilby where black brim meets white head and melt in a mélange of yarn in contrast.


Face your day with the grit of a sporty chic look: suitable for any situation to be always ready for everything. Simple accessories, for everyday use, revised in a modern version. Comfortable practical models that can be matched with your everyday outfit with a touch of something new.

Being it a trip out of town, a walk downtown or your way to work, enrich your winter style with Apple accessories. Jail Jam’s contemporary attitude to offer articles for multiples uses allows to match practicality and style in the same accessory!

In the winter selection stand out bonnets in a wide array of colors, from bright fluo shades to warm winter colors. Patterns couldn’t be any different.

The collection features classic winter patterns, but also stripes and metal fittings for a touch of radiance. Not to mention the wide array of bonnets with and without pompon, sometimes removable, in order to have a more versatile product!

City life selection by Apple offers different items to bring with you in your daily life as handy and with a captivating look.
Vintage colours on canvas cotton for the more urban casual looks. Among these, the original bag that can be easily transformed in a backpack, provided with an external squared zipped pocket for small objects and pens compartments. Combine it tone-on-tone or in contrast with the customized baseball hat and the fanny pack, again a fashion trend.
Smooth, capacious, equipped with a semi-rigid back, the cool and smart design of the Color Block Backpack is due to a fluorescent coloured anterior pocket as the baseball hat.
For her with an easy chic style, Jail Jam has created the lurex baseball hats, available in black, silver and pink, and the glam foulards with metallic shades, ideal for city and for nice moments in open air.