Apple is a concentrated vitamin colors gritty, modern lines, patterns that sometimes wink street style and subcultures.Dedicated to those who, through the right accessories, look for a way to express their personality at first glance. The underlying theme of the leaders Apple is the aspect “energizing”, obtained through combinations of vibrant colors and innovative design. Designed for skiers and snowboarders but also for those who lead a lifestyle active and dynamic.


Inspired by energizing starfruit, Carambola is the Jail Jam collection born for the sport lovers and for those who expect from their accessories functionality, comfortable fit and a bold design.
An early morning run, a skiing on the glacier or a motorbike ride become a full pleasure experience thanks to the warmness of polar fleece headbands, windproof gloves, balaclavas and super soft neckwarmers.
Minimal shapes and design of this collection can easily match with all sports clothes.


Dedicated to children, with its soft yarns and fun design, Strawberry brings cheer and colors even in the darkest winter days.Ranging from the softness of Smoothland line to the bright colours of Funland line, Strawberry collection contains unconvational items dedicated to the enfants-terribles but also pretty fashion accessories for little lords and princesses.
Gloves, beanies and peruvian hats are dressed in cheer and colour to make every outdoor moment a funny game!